Features - Petrolatum Tape HT (High Temperature) :

• Exterior coatings for above ground, buried or submerged pipework, fittings and structures in the Oil & Gas industry

• Ideal for covering irregular profiles and shapes like valves, flanges, weld joints and pipe couplings

• Exterior coating for use on Municipal water/waste water pipelines

• Marine application

Description :
Petrolatum Tape HT (High Temperature)
Sizes : 50mm (W) x10m (L) , 100mm (W) x10m (L) , 150mm (W) x10m (L) , 200mm (W) x10m (L)

Features - Bituwrap 41-HT Tape (Bitumen) :

• Medium-duty cold applied 2-ply PE/Bituminous Rubber (Bitumen) system, supplied with plastic interleaving

• High-quality multi-purpose flexible tape system that provides anti-corrosion and long life to underground pipelines

• AWWA C209-19 compliant and offers excellent steel water pipes and fittings coating

• Tape was developed from high-density polyolefin  film laminated with a strong adhesive bitunimous rubber compound

Description :
Bituwrap 41-HT Tape (Bitumen)
Sizes : 50mm (W) x15m (L) , 100mm (W) x15m (L) , 150mm (W) x15m (L)

Features - Bituwrap 1650 Tape (Bitumen) : 

• Heavy-duty cold applied 2-ply PVC/Bituminous Rubber (Bitumen) system, supplied with an overwidth siliconized paper interleaving

• Designed for use in industries that require high impact resistant and robust pipe wrap coating

• Guardian Bituwrap 1650 PVC/Bitumen Tape System complies with the AWWA C209-19 standard

• Ideal for use on buried pipelines with selected backfill medium

• Excellent solution for use in continuous line pipe wrapping, pipeline bends and protection of field joints

Description :
Bituwrap 1650 Tape (Bitumen)
Sizes : 100mm (W) x15m (L) , 150mm (W) x15m (L)

Description :
Pvc Overwrap Tape (White Colour)
Sizes : 50mm (W) x30m (L) , 100mm (W) x30m (L) , 150mm (W) x30m (L)

Description :
Petrolatum Primer (ST)
: 4kgs / Drum

Description :
Petrolatum Mastic (HT)
: 3kgs / Block

Description :
Bituwrap Primer
: 5 Litres / Drum


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